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Our experts advice about the pool and water care to cost low maintenance. Here is what they suggest:

Different types of bathing water

Dirty or cloudy bathing water can have various causes. Over the years we have seen all colors of swimming water. No matter how bad it looks, 99% of the time you can fix this quickly and effectively. Maintaining an Intex swimming pool is often easier than you might expect. In our next blog post you will learn more about how to recognize the symptoms and how to treat them easily.

Every situation is unique

With the basic tips you take a big step in keeping your Intex swimming pool clear and clean. This creates an easy-to-maintain situation and a safe environment for swimming. Do you have a unique situation or is something unclear? Then contact our team of swimming pool experts. We are happy to provide you with advice. We are happy to answer all your questions about the maintenance of your Intex swimming pool.